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Anyone who has been keeping an eye on Capcom’s titillating remake of the classic Bionic Commando has known for a while that the game would contain some multiplayer modes and features. What we weren’t treated too very often was actual gameplay footage of this elusive multiplayer feature. Well, today that changes.

During Capcom’s annual Captivate Event (Captivate ’09) they unveiled a lot of in-game footage and trailers for upcoming titles, including the highly anticipated (and gamer-skeptical) title, Bionic Commando.

The footage takes gamers through a brief look at one of the multiplayer deathmatch modes as the character swings, spins and runs across rooftops and decimated buildings. The environments are huge for the small amount of players, yet that doesn’t stop the trailer from portraying the game with an edge of intensity.

Graphically the game is looking mighty fine and the pace and shooting looks fairly spot-on. The only thing is that it all seems a little disjointed or unbalanced. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, you can check out the footage below or visit the Official Website for more information. Bionic Commando is due out this May for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.