A new trailer has surfaced for dtp Entertainment's Blood Knights, the hack-and-slash ARPG for PC. The trailer itself centers around the curvacious undead warrior, Alysa, as she unleashes her vampire charm on unsuspecting foes...which basically means she shoots you with a crossbow and then drinks the blood out of your body.

Blood Knights is one of the many new upcoming games for consoles and the PC platform that aims to take advantage of the digital distribution arena. The game sports two playable characters, isometric gameplay and lots and lots and lots of blood-spilling hack-and-slash action. Check it out below.

Blood Knights was recently announced back in January of this year when it was announced that it would be making use of the PathEngine for AI pathfinding and routing.

As promoted in the trailer above, Blood Knights will focus on co-op gameplay similar to Diablo on the PSX, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance for the Xbox or Everquest: Champions of Norrath for the PS2. If isometric, blazing speed combat and vampire lore is your kind of thing then Blood Knights might be a game you should keep on your “Games to Play” checklist.

The game is scheduled to release soon for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Need more info? Feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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