Dtp Entertainment unleashed a new trailer for Blood Knights, the upcoming isometric action-RPG that puts a vampire and a vampire hunter into cahoots as they team up to fight off and stop a greater evil. You can scope out how the game plays in single-player mode and how the skills of both characters are required to get out of hairy situations, as well as some of the co-op action.

Blood Knights puts players in the role of Alysa the vampire and Jeremy the vampire slayer. Both characters are linked together from a series of unfortunate events and their blood bond can only be broken by going on a great-fantastic journey. The story seems placeholder for the gameplay, which is never a bad thing, as players will hack, slash, shoot and bite their way through hordes of enemies in the isometric ARPG. Check it out below.

In addition to unveiling the new gameplay trailer, Deck 13 and dtp Entertainment also had some bad news to share...the game has been pushed back slightly from its original release date. The game is now set to release on February 20th for home consoles and February 22nd for PC, next year.

If you can survive the Mayan mental apocalypse of the weak-minded you'll be able to enjoy the game in the early goings of 2013 for the budget price of $14.99 on console and $19.99 on PC. The game will be available digitally. Need to learn more? Feel free to hit up the official website for more info.

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