Bomberman Is In Touch And In Stores

Get your hands dirty with a little explosives, as Bomberman Land Touch comes to the Nintendo DS. Featuring touchscreen options, a whole new story mode and the first ever Bomberman game that allows for multiplayer wireless gaming. It was recently announced by Atlus that the game is now in stores.

You can also use the wireless DS download play to challenge your friends in the mini games. Up to eight players can compete in a variety of modes that range from racing, action and sports themes. The DS Microphone can also be used (when players blow into it) to douse lit fuses. All of that, with an all new cast, storyline, theme, and mini games in the Story Mode. Below is a list of features currently available for Bomberman Land Touch:

• Touch Screen controls! Story Mode and Attraction Mode take full advantage of the Touch Screen and stylus.

• Colorful Cast of Characters! Besides everybody’s favorite, the classic Bomberman, there are tons of interesting characters to interact with.

• Up to 8-Player Wireless Single-Card Play! Attraction Mode and Battle Mode both support wireless multiplayer action with only one Game Card required!

• Incredible longevity! A 15-hour Story Mode, 36 stages in the Attraction Mode, and 20 stages in the Battle Mode.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.