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Did you know that the first Borderlands game ever was actually released in 1989? Well, it wasn't! However, that didn't stop Gearbox Software from making a retro-style, browser-based game to promote Borderlands 2.

The browser game, playable here, is a top-down shooter with 8-bit graphics. You pick one of the four characters in Borderlands 2 and then shoot up waves of enemies. Occasionally an enemy will drop items like a flamethrower or railgun.

It's a surprisingly addictive little game. Maybe that shouldn't be surprising, because it has some of the main ingredients of Borderlands 2: hordes of enemies, shooting and loot. All it needs is co-op and it'd be the exact same as the console/PC game. Well, co-op and polished graphics. And a storyline. And talent trees. And - okay, the two games are completely dissimilar.

Borderlands 2 will debut on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on September 18th.

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