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Gearbox Software has yet to formally announce the next DLC for Borderlands 2. However, thanks to the updated Trophy list, they don't need to. The next add-on for the game is called Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate's Booty.

The new buccaneer-themed expansion (outed by PS3Trophies) takes players to new places called Oasis and Pirate's Booty. You can get a bronze Trophy by exploring all the named locations here. This region is home to a number of side missions, and completing all of them will earn you a silver Trophy.

There's also a main mission to pursue. It's called "X Marks the Spot" and involves some sort of treasure hunt. I imagine you'll encounter this Captain Scarlett in the process as well. The gold Trophy will be yours if you can finish this quest.

Gearbox Software plans to release four campaign DLC packs for Borderlands 2. Presumably Captain Scarlett is one of those four. You can get access to all of the campaign DLC at a discounted rate by purchasing a Season Pass.

Yesterday Gearbox released the Mechromancer player class. They're planning other non-campaign DLC as well, such as additional characters.

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