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At PAX East last weekend, Gearbox Software's president Randy Pitchford laid out some additional details about the game, including the brand new character customization feature which sports more than a bazillion skin combinations.

The new comes courtesy of blog All You Can Geek, which lays down an outline for what gamers can expect from the character customization and skin modification feature, listing a number of awesome details.

One of the things I actually thought was lacking in the previous game was character distinction given that oftentimes you had a cool gun but then your character was just as generic as everyone else. The option to customize and outfit your character with as cool an outfit as your weapon is a nice little touch and adds an extra layer of depth to the personalization and role-playing aspects of Borderlands.

While I know the game will have a series of DLC on the way (and according to Gearbox they have setup hook mechanics to make it where they can design DLC in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks or months) I just hope they don't overly abuse it with too much DLC because someone like myself will literally go broke buying all the stuff for Borderlands 2.

Anyways, you came here to check out some of the customization options and by-Jove you will check out those customization options. You can check out the list below or view additional screenshots from PAX East over at All You Can Geek.


Borderlands Style

Borderlands is!
•Great characters.
•Awesome gear.
•Being a BADASS

Borderlands is not!
•Generic face #5
•Looking like a carnival threw up on you.
•400 ways to change your brow thickness.

New "Skin System" from scratch
•Richer more vibrant color combinations.
•Decals and patterns.
•Support your brand with Weapon Manufacturer skins.

•Many skins to start with
•Complete missions, challenges, and gain badass rank to unlock more skins.
•Ultra rare skins as drops in the world.

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