Gearbox Software has released another Echo Log from Gaige the Mechromancer. Gaige, soon to be the game's fifth playable character, uses this Log to give more background information on herself.

When we last heard from Gaige, she was working on Project DT for a science fair. "DT" is a robot meant to track down bullies and pummel them. However, Gaige's plans for the bot have become more elaborate and now it can fly and shoot lasers.

Her construction of a military grade robot hasn't gone unnoticed, though. She mentions that a classmate has reported her to the authorities. Her legal troubles, along with a general thirst for adventure, explain how she ended up on Pandora.

The Mechromancer class will be downloadable for Borderlands 2 on October 16th. It's free if you pre-ordered, and $10 otherwise.

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