Borderlands 2 PC Menu Is Full Of Glorious, Glorious Options

The first PC menu screenshot has surfaced for Borderlands 2, promptly resulting in a huge sigh of relief from the PC gaming community, as the screenshot confirms that Gearbox has stayed true to the word and have implemented a ton of options to make the game a wonderfully scaled experience for PC rigs of all shapes and sizes.

The image comes courtesy of a Reddit post from user Dudelsac. The image consists of a breakdown of all the various in-game options, fiddles, diddles, daddles and twiddlings that can be fumbled, scaled, pulled, clicked, switched, tweaked and tuned for the game. Check it out below.

Glorious, glorious options galore.

Now that's how you treat a paying customer...unlike some games whose names I will not mention from companies whose logos I shall not display.

Gearbox Software had already verified back in March that the PC version would get a lot of lovin' and some very special treatment. For console gamers you might question why it would even be important to have all these features, but for PC gaming these features have been a standard since gaming on the keyboard was possible. Yes, that's a long time and it's nice that Gearbox is honoring a long-time tradition that has been abandoned by a lot of companies during this current generation of gaming.

If the game proves to be a big success in the PC arena hopefully other developers will take note and not lazily toss together a port and then complain about 95% of the PC sales being lost to piracy or require day-one patches from community modders. Poor ports equal a precursor for piracy.

Borderlands 2 officially launches in North America tomorrow (technically you can get in on the option with the midnight release tonight) and internationally on Friday. For more information there's always the Official Borderlands 2 Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.