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Borderlands 2 PhysX Trailer Shows PC Graphics Are A Generation Ahead

If you have an Nvidia card then you'll be in for a sweet ride with Borderlands 2, as it'll be making full use of the Nvidia's proprietary PhysX capabilities that improves in-game physics-reactions, graphics and particle effects. In simple terms, everything will be better in Borderlands 2 if you have an Nvidia card that supports PhysX.

Randy Pitchford showed off some of the PhysX properties in Borderlands 2 earlier this year when Nvidia officially unveiled the 680GTX but it was during a conference and hard to appreciate at the time. This time, however, Nvidia released the full-on comparison between PhysX based gameplay and non-PhysX gameplay and the differences are a generational gap apart.

A lot of weapon effects are still the same from the original Borderlands, but they make vastly different when used in conjunction with the PhysX capabilities. Notice how the environmental debris reacts and responds to the explosive vacuum of the grenade, or how the explosions mushroom and bloom. The most impressive is probably the liquid reactions, which makes some of the weapons seem to have an all new kind of differentiated characteristic than when it's used without PhysX.

The unfortunate part about it is that even if you play the game on PC you'll still need a dedicated PhysX card or an Nvidia brand card with PhysX support to experience the awesomeness featured in that trailer. Sorry to all the AMD users out there. And before you ask, the Xbox 360 and PS3 were released before PhysX hardware became available so neither console will be able to do what was shown off in the trailer.

You can look for Borderlands 2 to launch on September 18th for home consoles and PC. Need to pre-order? Need more info? Want to look at some pretty, pretty guns? Feel free to Mosey on over to the Official Borderlands Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.