If you were worried about Borderlands 2 selling well, the NPD has assuaged worries by releasing figures that indicate that the game has managed to move more than 1.8 million SKUs throughout September.

GamesThirst lays out the numerical homework for what did well and what didn't. The top of the chart for September was Madden NFL 13, which topped the charts with 2.55 million SKUs moved. It's either an impressive sign of continued quality from EA's behalf, or a sure sign that brand names sell games.

Anyway, Borderlands 2 moving 1.8 million SKUs was no easy feat and that's about 234% higher than the original Borderlands, which, according to NPD, only moved 500,000 SKUs the first month out.

NPD’s Liam Callahan commented about the findings, saying...
“While year-over-year declines are present in video game software, we are seeing momentum leading up to the holidays when looking at August sales compared to September, which were up 67% on an average sales-per-week basis,”

Take note that while there are year-over-year declines in retail, there are significant booms in the digital marketplace, a market that caters to tens of millions of hardcore gamers and isn't tracked by the NPD.

Technically, given the boom of discounts and deals for the PC version of Borderlands 2, that figure could very well be closer to 3 million total unit sales as opposed to 1.8 million. But, given that we don't know for sure how many units have been moved of Borderlands 2, we can only speculate based on vague charts, such as Steam's Top 10 [via Blues] where Borderlands 2 has been up there each week since it was available for pre-order.

One thing is for sure, Gearbox has a winner on their hands and they're keen on pumping out more DLC for Borderlands 2 than ever before, including the upcoming Captain Scarlet DLC. The company is also using a new hook mechanic in the UE3 that enables them to churn out DLC in a matter of hours.

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