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Square Enix and Nintendo have announced the full release date for Bravely Second: End Layer on the Nintendo 3DS for audiences in the West. The game will be made available April 15 in North America, and February 26 in Europe. I'm not exactly sure why the game has such a huge disparity between America and Europe, but that's just how the dice have fallen.

Game Informer pointed out that there's also a limited collector's edition available as well, which includes the original soundtrack to the Bravely Second game and a giant 250-page art book that contains various illustrations of the characters, environments and locations spanning 2013 to 2015. The game itself is also included in the collector's edition, and this all comes in a big, beautifully illustrated game box.

In addition to announcing the collector's edition and the release date, Square Enix released a new trailer that covers the basic premise of the role-playing game's story and why a group of warriors from across the land will band together to rescue their friends and save the world from a devastating enemy. You can check out the trailer below, as posted by FreakedOutBrain.

If the trailer got you hungry for more, you can expect to get in some play time with a new demo. The demo will allow players to get introduced into the game world that Square Enix and Nintendo have crafted for Bravely Second, while also racking up some experience points and progress that can be carried over into the full game when it releases later this spring in America.

For gamers living in Europe, they won't have to wait long before they can get their hands on the upcoming JRPG thanks to the release being pushed up to February. For whatever reason, Australians and Europeans will be able to get their hands on the game first.

Originally, Bravely Second came out back in Japan in April of 2015. It managed to sell decently enough its first week out, according to Siliconera. It's expected to be another sleeper hit in the West just like the original Bravely Default when it launched on the Nintendo 3DS a few years ago.

The sequel still maintains the same turn-based combat that was featured in the original Bravely Default and will allow players to strategically take down foes using basic attacks, special abilities and summons.

So far Nintendo and Square Enix have managed to avoid the same levels of controversy with Bravely Second that they encountered with the original Bravely Default over the characters' outfits. The only thing that came up in the media is a particular outfit that has supposedly been changed due to cultural sensitivity issues, but otherwise the promotion of the title has centered around the gameplay experience.

Once again, you can look for Bravely Second to launch on the Nintendo 3DS this spring in North America and this February in Europe.

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