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If you enjoy games like Monster Rancher, Eye of Judgment or Pokemon then you might get a kick out of playing the new MMO from Beanfun called Bright Shadow, which has recently opened up for North American gamers, allowing players to hunt and collect more than 500 different monsters.

The game was originally re-launched last year for E.U. territories but Beanfun has finally opened up the doors for American gamers just in the nick of time for the game's first major expansion pack, the Curse of Hera.

As stated in the press release...
Players both new and old will be greeted with a slew of fresh content, as the Curse of Hera Expansion just launched on January 5th. The update brings 30 new areas and dungeons, eight new classes, over 40 new bosses, and over 400 new enemies and monster cards to collect.

If you join the game right now you're eligible to receive a gift pack valued at $20 USD, containing a number of nifty cash shop items, as listed below:
• Phoenix Feather x 3 (respawn on location)
• Quick Recovery x 1 (30% HP recovery speed increase)
• Tetris Rain x 20 (rains Tetris)
• 2x EXP Book – 3 hours x2
• Pet – Magic Kitten x 1

You can also get a glimpse at the gameplay just in case you were wondering how it all plays out. A teaser trailer was also released along with the announcement about the game's availability. If brightly colored anime-style aesthetics is your sort of thing, then Bright Shadow will be right up your alley.

For further information on the game or the option to sign-up and start playing, for free, be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.