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People Can Fly has released a second downloadable pack. The Blood Symphony DLC brings new maps for the Echoes and Anarchy modes.

There are five maps in the pack in total. The three Anarchy maps are described thusly:
  • Mini-City - Here enemies can be thrown into miniature skyscrapers as well as sent into the path of a rampaging Mechaton.
  • Rock Quarry - This map will see players fighting at night by a cliffside waterfall next to a mining facility and features a number of environmental hazards such as runaway minecarts and furnaces.
  • Ulysses - This map takes place in the jail hub of the ship and, again, offers some ‘unique’ opportunities for creative players to dispatch their enemies.
The two Echoes mode maps are called Monorail Factory and Mean Streets. Monorail Factory tasks the player with annihilating a series of enemies in a transportation hub. Mean Streets takes place in the streets of Elysium.

The map pack is currently available for the Xbox 360 and PC for 800 MS Points, or $10. The PS3 version is coming soon as well.