EA announced the impending arrival of total automotive anarchy today, with the news that Burnout 5 is currently in development for the Playstation 3.

As is usual with the series, the game's focus will be on aggressive, balls to the wall driving. This fifth installment will be set in Paradise City, a racing battleground with massive infrastructure and heavy traffic to crash in, around, and through.

Here's how this one will work: When you start the game you're given a Driver's License, which amasses a record of each players most insane, over the top, reckless, and destructive automotive adventures. If you go to far, you'll find yourself faced off against the city's most legendary burners in a race that's less about getting to the finish line and more about who can beat up who.

EA calls this a complete re-invention of the series, but to me it sounds pretty similar to previous installments. The real differences won't be in the concept itself, but in how they apply the same old concept to the new, flashy capabilities of the PS3.

Expect Burnout 5 on shelves some time in 2007.

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