The new Revolution DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has recently launched for the Xbox 360, and following up on the launch there's a brand spanking new gameplay trailer to help the undecided, the uncommitted and the unimpressed with more than 2 full minutes of intense 60fps PvP.

The trailer rolls out snippets from the new Turned zombie mode, enabling players to take control of zombies for the first time and lay waste to heroic zombie-killers. There's a nice collage of moving pictures for the brand new SMG, showcasing the reloading, the shooting, the recoil and the design. And the rest of the trailer is typical run-and-gun, smoke-and-stomp Call of Duty gameplay that so many people have become addicted to. Check it out below.

While FPS gamers like myself have become burned out with the over-saturation of these kind of games, I'm sure die-hard fans are salivating over the new DLC already and you can grab the Revolution content right now for the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, PC and PS3 gamers have been given the shaft because Tretton and Newell didn't pay their early-DLC fees the way Microsoft does and so anyone who doesn't own an Xbox 360 will have to wait to get their hands on Revolution.

You can grab the four new maps, new weapon and new mode right now from the Marketplace for 1200 MS Points.

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