Activision and Treyarch released a new trailer for the upcoming Revolution DLC pack and they used a very familiar face in Peter Stormare, who doubles down as The Replacer. Why is he a Replacer? Well, because you'll be too busy playing the four new maps, the new zombie map and a brand new weapon.

The new DLC pack contains four multiplayer deathmatch arenas, the new Peacekeeper SMG for CQC and mid-ranged combat, combining a bit of the SCAR with the Olympia M4 and the ability to kick butt and take a bite out of flesh as a zombie in a brand new zombie map. You can check it out in the hilarious new trailer below.

Stormare was absolutely hilarious. Replacing everyday Call of Dutites in everyday tasks...except, he won't be replacing any CoD fans at work because you'll need to pay out of your bunghole to afford the new DLC or else you'll be adding $15 to your Bush-era debt. Alternatively, you could buy the season pass to gain access to four DLC packs, but that's still about as expensive as an American trying to buy an ice cream sandwich in Britain during a rainy summer using U.S. Dollars. You do better going to Vegas where you can get an entire meal, a hooker and some blow for the same price.

Anyway, if you like what Activision is selling or you've already peddled your kidney off for a hundred bucks while you were visiting Brazil last year and have some extra coin to spare, you can look to grab the Revolution DLC for Xbox 360 on January 29th.

The DLC will not be made available to PS3 gamers or PC owners anytime soon because Gabe Newell and the heads at Sony didn't pay Bobby Kotick his annual pimp-fee to get the content at the same time as the Xbox 360.

You can learn more about the rip – oops, I mean the new DLC by visiting the official website.

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