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If you've got a friend over at your apartment, you no longer have to take turns playing Call of Duty multiplayer. For Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch is adding split-screen support for the game's online multiplayer.

Two-player split-screen will also be supported for an offline training mode. Sadly, the introduction of this new feature is balanced out by the removal of an old one. Black Ops executive producer said in a recent interview that there will be no co-op for the campaign.

World at War, Treyarch's last COD, had campaign co-op for up to four players. It had a competitive element to it, with each player vying for the high score. This led them to take risks (like charging into an enemy bunker first) so they could get the most kills and therefore points. It was a fun twist on the normal campaign and it's sad that it's MIA for Black Ops.

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