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Call of Duty: Ghosts' last DLC pack Nemesis is almost here. The Nemesis Pack will debut on Xbox One and Xbox 360 next week with other platforms' release following later.

The DLC pack includes four more maps for competitive play. Players will travel to a Canadian submarine facility in "Subzero." The base is strangely empty, with bloodstains indicated some kind of slaughter. If you complete the field order, you'll find out what wiped out all the staff members here: some kind of whirlwindy snow cloud with monster eyes. The thing looks really goofy but kills people really well.

"Showtime" is a remake of "Shipment," that tiny Call of Duty 4 map that everyone used to rank up quickly. Players battle in a futuristic shipping yard with close-quarters. If you're lucky enough not to die every five seconds, you'll earn one of three different killstreaks: a cluster of care packages, a poison gas attack, or automated gun turrets.

"Goldrush" seems like another close-quarters map at first. It takes place in an abandoned gold mine with narrow tunnels and shafts. However, these shafts open into massive caverns for medium-range combat. The mountains surrounding the gold mine, meanwhile, should be popular for snipers. The field order for "Goldrush" will sic a pack of wolves on your enemies.

The last of the bunch is "Dynasty," set in a Chinese village. The gardens and mountains make the location look quite peaceful. Spoiler alert: it isn't. The field order lets you call in an airstrike by VTOL jets, one of which stays behind to root out any hostiles.

The Nemesis Pack contains the fourth and final episode of the Extinction mode campaign, too. In "Exodus," the players must defend humanity's last base against an alien assault. You have to launch the evacuation shuttle while keeping the Cryptids at bay. This final battle pits players against the Ancestors, a new type of enemy with psychic powers such as mind control.

Call of Duty: Ghosts' Nemesis DLC will hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 on August 5th. Downloading the map pack will set you back $14.99. You can also opt for the $49.99 Season Pass, which gives you access to Nemesis along with the other three DLC packs: Onslaught, Devastation and Invasion. Those three add-ons also contain new multiplayer maps and Extinction episodes.

While it's possible Activision could release some additional content for Ghosts that isn't covered by the Season Pass, this is probably the last major update we'll see to the game. After all, we're only a few months from the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
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