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Owners of the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have been snubbed thus far when it comes to downloadable content. However, the drought will be over soon. Activision plans to release the first MW3 "Content Collection" on the PC next month.

The Content Collection contains the first six bits of DLC released for the game. It includes four new maps for competitive multiplayer: "Piazza," "Liberation," "Overwatch" and "Black Box." Rounding out the Content Collection are Specs Ops Missions "Black Ice" and "Negotiator."

Why has it taken so long for this content to reach the PC? For starters, all of this content was released first through Call of Duty Elite. Elite, an online premium service that launched with MW3, touts early DLC as one of its selling points. Activision never released Elite on the PC. If you don't have an Elite subscription, you need to wait until Activision bundles all these pieces of DLC together as a Content Collection.

Furthermore, Activision and Microsoft have a long-running agreement that MW3 DLC will hit the Xbox 360 at least a month before other platforms. Thus, when Activision released the Content Collection #1 on March 20th, it was only available to non-Elite players who own a 360. PS3 gamers had to wait until April. PC gamers, meanwhile, won't get it until May 8th.

Content Collection 1 costs $15 to download on consoles. Presumably PC gamers will have to fork over the same amount in spite of their much longer wait.

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