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PixelMaverick games recently announced a new game for Windows-based PCs. The title is called Candlelight and it's a platform adventure title that sees players assuming the role the last candle in existence on an epic quest to keep the land lit during the night and to bring back candles before it's extinguished by all sorts of crazy obstacles including rain, TNT and falling platforms.

As noted on the announcement page...
Candlelight is an upcoming platform-adventure video game. After a series of catastrophic events extinguish all candles in the land, a lone surviving candle sets out on a most important adventure to bring light back to the land. The lone candle’s journey will not be easy as it must battle through rain, wind, water, lava, TNT and more. Will the candle’s life be extinguished before the journey is complete? Only you can help determine this lands fate!

Blues News picked up the story as the game made its way onto IndieDB, where it's noted that the indie project will make use of the Unity Web Player, and those interested in playing the game can do so with the free demo. A brief teaser trailer was also released, which you can view below.

Candlelight - Trailer - Indie DB

The game looks all right if you're into the whole platform-adventure genre. It's certainly no New Super Mario Bros. but if you're looking for something small, entertaining and challenging then it doesn't look like you could go all too wrong with Candlelight.

You can learn more about the game or grab the free demo by paying a kind visit to the Official IndieDB Page.

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