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Yesterday Street Fighter X Tekken assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano explained to Xbox 360 gamers that the reason there was no pair-play mode was because they didn't have time nor the resources. Today, Capcom's senior vice president Christian Svensson explained that Capcom could have handled the DLC situation better but consumers just don't understand the funding nor business tactics and didn't come to the right conclusion.

The news comes courtesy of a much larger interview from GameInformer, who landed the quote from Svensson, who explicitly says...
"It came down to a development process issue more than anything," .... "I wish it had been done differently. I think it just becomes - the rationality of what content costs to make and how you fund that content doesn't come into play here for the consumer. It's an emotional issue that I think we need to be sensitive to.

"The other part of this is we could have had a better communication strategy around this back at the outset. Left to their own devices, consumers will always jump to the worst possible conclusion. I think what you'll see in the coming weeks the conclusions that were jumped to were not the correct ones."

I'm curious, what would have been the proper conclusion, especially now that there are contradictory statements regarding why some features were in and why others weren't? Or is he just saying he wishes people didn't get angry and freak out about getting ripped off?

What's worse is that he's now saying that it's the consumer's fault for buying a product that advertised pair-play for the Xbox 360 even though the feature isn't there. I assume it's also the consumer's fault that 12 disc-locked characters were completed before the game went gold? It's also the consumer's fault -- wait no, it was originally Microsoft's fault and the Xbox 360's fault for the lack of pair-play, where Capcom said that "Microsoft made it where you can't", even though NetherRealm Studios made it where you can, and so did Infinity Ward and Treyarch and a number of other studios, so yesterday Capcom admitted that it actually was their fault because they ran out of time and resources.

Here's the thing, you don't treat your consumer like a cash cow and expect them to bend over willing every time you want to milk them. Had no one said anything everything would be okay, according to Capcom. And had consumers just bought what was given to them and had gamers not pried the disc open, everything would be okay according to Capcom.

Essentially, Svensson is saying that consumers are wrong for taking an averse opinion to what they now know. Also, is it really the consumers fault for taking such a stance when Capcom was removing videos and having people banned from YouTube? Capcom even released several statements since the incident occurred and it's been full of lies and contradictions. No one told Capcom to lie, Capcom decided to lie.

I'm losing a lot of respect for Capcom throughout this because ultimately it seems their goal is to badger gamers to the point where they just give up the shouting, screaming and protesting (or hate them?).

I've never said anything bad about Street Fighter X Tekken because it is a dream game come true. But Capcom is quickly looking like a big bad wolf and no one is to blame but Capcom.

Svensson has also yet to answer the obvious question, the one we've been asking on behalf of consumers for the past two weeks. If you didn't have time to implement an advertised feature, why were you working on disc-locked characters, colors, gems and costumes instead, and if the content was completed before the game went gold why wasn't it part of the main game?

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