Konami announced today that the first of two new downloadable content packs for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be arriving on March 30th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The DLC, called Reverie, will continue what was started in the original game and allows for players to return to the role of Gabriel as he attempts to help a recently slain hand maiden.

For $9.99 or 800 MS Points, gamers will experience three full new levels to explore and fight through as a hold-me-off until the next downloadable content pack, which will finish off with a climactic battle. No release date has been set for the second DLC pack but we’ll keep you posted on when it will be officially announced.

You can check out a very brief teaser trailer of the new DLC below or check out some more detailed info on the game by heading on over to the Official Website.

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