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Chrono Trigger DS Lands on DS; Who Needs Family?

Chrono Trigger is being released today, November 25th, for the Nintendo DS, just in time for Thanksgiving. Now you finally have a good excuse to ignore your drunk uncle come Thursday. Chrono Trigger holds a special place in my heart, and I could go on and on for hours about not only the amazing music, the fun story, the loads of replay value, but also how it affected me and how I view games for literally the rest of my life. To this day, there are only a few games I hold in as high regard as I do for Chrono Trigger.

So go out to your GameStops and your Best Buys, or order it off Amazon. If you've got even the slightest interest in RPGs and you haven't played Chrono Trigger, I assure you that you will be very pleased. If you're like me and have already played it more times than you can count, there's a few excuses to buy the DS version: extra dungeons, an Arena mode, and various Extras (such as concept art).

The game's $40 price tag might scare a few people off, but look at it this way: the SNES cart goes for $70+ on eBay. You're saving money by purchasing a superior, portable version. Now if Square Enix would only release Super Mario RPG for the DS, I'd never buy another game.