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Featuring narration by famed actor Sean Bean and music from John Murphy called “The Sun”, which went to the highly underrated sci-fi flick, Sunshine, the announcement trailer for Civilization VI is one of those awe-inspiring testaments to human progress.

The trailer was posted up over on the official Sid Meier Civilization YouTube channel. It's revealed that XCOM alums Firaxis Games will be handling development on the 4x strategy title and 2K Games will continue to handle publishing rights.

As far as gameplay is concerned, we don't get to see any of it. However, actual gameplay footage might not be too far off given that the game will launch on October 21st.

The combination of Sean Bean and John Murphy's inspiring music piece helped get plenty of gamers geeked for the upcoming release of the Civilization V sequel, but the real meat and potatoes is what the game will feature, which happened to be detailed over on the official Civilization website.

The game's main premise this time around is building up a lasting empire that starts in the Stone Age and goes all the way through time to the Information Age. I do wonder if you'll be able to go beyond like in Civilization: Beyond Earth?

The turn-based strategy game will feature the ability to build massive, customized cities and empire, pushed along by researching new technologies to help your civilization cultivate and expand through history.

There's also the expansion of the combat system that was taken from Civilization V, where only one unit can occupy a tile at a time. They're buffering this with new support units that can be embedded with main units, enabling players to form “Corp” units. Not everyone was happy about the unit-per-tile design, but it is what it is.

They also mention that this newest Civilization will be designed for all players, veteran and newbie alike. They have new systems and build categories for the vets, while introducing more tutorials and hand-holding mechanics for newbies.

I do hope they manage to find a fine balance in Civilization VI so they don't alienate their core fans the way EA did with Dead Space 3. It seems easy these days to come up with an awesome idea or brand (even though Civilization has been around for ages) and then destroy it by trying to grow the brand outside of its target demographic.

But given that Civilization V managed to sell 8 million copies over its lifespan, it won't be surprising to see Civilization VI hit similar numbers if they can produce magic once again that appeals to old-school players and new-school gamers alike.

You'll be able to get your hands on the newest Civilization title starting October 21st later this year, exclusively for PC.

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