If you ever want to make Top Gun you’re going to need to start training. Rather than joining the Air Force, however, you could take the decidedly less dangerous path and invest in Mad Catz Interactive’s upcoming Combat Pilot, a flight simulation game for PC built with aerial dogfights in mind.

Slated for a Summer 2012 release, Combat Pilot comes from Mad Catz’s ThunderHawk Studios and offers a multiplayer flight simulation that lets players see what it’s like to jump into the cockpit of the world’s most famous fighter jets.

The game is built around the Flight Simulator X software from Microsoft, which requires a separate purchase (around $20-$30). Combat Pilot will run you $49.99 itself, which also includes your first month’s access to the game. The thought of paying for access to a flight sim on a regular basis is pretty surprising to me but, if millions of people are willing to pay $15 a month to go on fetch quests, I suppose there’s got to be an eager audience for this type of high-flying action, too.

“We believe that Combat Pilot will prove to be an important destination for the flight simulation community to gather, interact and share experiences,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.

In order to do that, players will actually have to earn their wings within the game, proving they have what it takes to navigate the skies before being allowed to join the Combat Pilot online community.

For more information or to reserve your unique call-sign before the game releases, visit the Combat Pilot official website. For the record, Goose, Maverick and Ice-Man are already taken.

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