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Cevat Yerli, Crytek's founder and CEO, has mentioned recently that the CryEngine is outpacing Epic's Unreal Engine in Asia when it comes to licensing, and Crytek is closing in on Epic when it comes to selling licenses in the Western hemisphere, despite the actual number of licensees being undisclosed.

Speaking with GameIndustry.biz, Yerli stated that...
"In the Western world, we are getting very close to where Unreal is through a number of licenses that are not disclosed,"... "But in the Asian area, in the online area, we are actually outpacing Epic right now, despite the fact that we have not really pushed marketing or a strategy to become number one there. The engine just grew to be number one in the MMO and online space, especially in Korea and China."

I have noticed that the CryEngine 3 has been popping up with quite a few Korean-based MMOs, however I've yet to get in any game time with them so I can't say for sure if the CryEngine is better suited for themepark MMOs than the Unreal Engine is. I know both engines are being used quite frequently in the MOFPS sub-genre for titles such as Mercenary Ops and Warface, and they're about equal in terms of facilitating a decent first/third-person shooter online experience.

Of course, Yerli wouldn't be doing his twilight job as a spokesman if he didn't at least plug the company's upcoming title, Crysis 3...Yerli went on to talk about how the CryEngine 3 will be sporting more than just fancy graphics for the upcoming shooter and he talked up some of the other finer points of the engine as well...
“For Crysis, technology is always a core hook, in a way," ... "We always want to maximize the platform we're arriving with Crysis on. I want people to know when they play Crysis, they can get a technical feast as well. But it is designed eventually to drive content sandbox simulations that are perceived maybe at the surface as just a game experience. But eventually this is very technically demanding. Making a game where the AI's systemic and smart and allows you to play the way you want to play requires a lot of technology that is state of the art, where AI and physics and graphics are interplaying with each other to maximize the experience.”

Well, we won't be seeing more more from the current gen consoles than what we've already experienced. Hopefully we can see more of the CryEngine 3 in full effect later next year with the launch of the new consoles. Until then, I suspect we'll continue to just see more of the same.

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