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If you had the feeling that DC Universe Online was a cool game but lacked certain features...such as the ability to craft, well that is being rectified. SOE announced that DC Universe Online's latest update contains a brand new research and development crafting function.

It's practically identical to the R&D crafting mechanic from Cryptic's Champions Online; players will go out and gather materials, bring them back to the lab and mix-and-combine the appropriate components in order to upgrade or create brand new items and gear.

In addition to being able to craft new items, the update also enables players to deconstruct old items. If you're in need of new R&D parts you can deconstruct common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary parts to get the appropriate crafting material needed to make common, uncommon, rare or epic gear.

Crafting is available to all players level 10 and higher and you can find the respective laboratories in Watchtower and the Hall of Doom. You can check out a complete list of the R&D features for DC Universe Online below or you can hop right into the game, for free, by downloading the client from the Official Website.

• Finding and Researching: Plans to create Equipment Mods to upgrade gear and consumables can be collected throughout the world.
• Gathering: Throughout the open world (including Gotham City, Metropolis and Central City), players (1-30) can find exobytes and other items.
• Salvaging: Players can turn unused, uncommon or rare items into crafting materials, and they can recover a rare item and create a useful piece of new equipment.
• Collecting: Bosses will drop useful ingredients such as Focusing Elements and Plans throughout the game.