Dante is coming over for Thanksgiving! Whether you're gaming on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the brand-spanking-new DMC: Devil May Cry demo is set to release here in the States on Nov. 20. You'll have to wait an extra day to try out the demo if you're gaming in Europe but, since you folks don't celebrate Turkey Day, the emo demon slayer will just be stopping by for a regular old visit.

The demo's release date was made official through Capcom's blog, stating that our first opportunity to take control of the new, short-haired Dante would be within two of the game missions, one of which is a boss fight.

It sounds like the demo will actually be pretty full of content, as Capcom team member GregaMan lays down the details.

“The demo will contain a few of the game's difficulty modes, including the remixed Son of Sparda mode, which becomes unlocked after one completion,” he said. “You'll also have access to a variety of the game's weapon upgrades and maybe a couple secrets along the way.”

GregaMan then concluded the above statement with a very suspicious winky face.

The post then goes on to remind everyone about the recently announced DLC for DMC, featuring all new content with Dante's brother, Vergil. To help clear the air, especially considering Capcom's history with DLC, the post clarifies that this is all-new content rather than just a character swap, the add-on will not be day one, it will be free to those who pre-order from GameStop, the data is not already on the disc and, if you did not pre-order the game, you can expect this first bit of DLC to set you back $8.99 (720 MSP).

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