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Bethesda and id Software unveiled some new details on the upcoming DOOM, particularly the multiplayer mode where a brand new game type was revealed along with the way some single-use power-ups will work throughout the match.

Shacknews managed to get the details on the upcoming reboot of the first-person shooter, rolling out some information on a new mode called “Warpath”. This is an alternate take on the King of the Hill mode where players will have to get inside of a circle located somewhere on the map and attempt to get the most points before the round ends.

However, Warpath differs from traditional King of the Hill modes in two ways. The first is that the “hill” in DOOM moves around. Players will be forced to stay on the run, constantly finding the new spots where the hill spawns and chasing it down to hold the spot for as long as they can until it spawns into a new area. Many long-time Halo fans are probably scoffing at this bit of info because King of the Hill in that game has had the option of moving around for the past 15 years, so it's not a necessarily new feature. What is new is that there's a bit of a combination with the Juggernaut mode.

In DOOM's Warpath, it's not just about hunting down the constantly moving hill, but it's also about weighing the option of chasing down a power-up spawn that allows players to grab a rune and become a flying Revenant. What's the benefit of becoming a Revenant? Well, for a short time you can completely lay waste to your opposition if you're good enough, creating a warpath on the way to easily securing the hill.

The mixture of King of the Hill and Juggernaut is a different way about addressing new multiplayer content. A lot of games have just become stale as far as options and offerings go, mostly just replicating whatever you might find in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or whichever Call of Duty most companies feel they can copy-cat in order to churn out a hopeful success. To id Software's credit, at least they seem to want to push the first-person shooter genre forward by a few steps by actually innovating with some new modes and content, especially the SnapMap.

Even if you think this new Warpath mode is complete bollocks and you have no interest in playing it whatsoever, id Software will enable both console and PC gamers to create their own maps and modes using the SnapMap. It allows users to quickly and easily snap together rooms, alter the objects within the rooms and create a variety of deathmatch, cooperative and miscellaneous modes and missions for single-player or multiplayer usage.

In addition to the new Warpath mode, they also detailed that the new DOOM will have single-use power-ups that will be scattered about the map. Some of them will allow players to see through walls and spot enemies very briefly, while other power-ups might actually show the location of other power-ups scattered around the map. These items are called Hack Modules, and some include things like a Supply Timer that adds a visible timer on when power-ups will respawn. Retribution is another module that shows the health and location of the last player that killed you. These Hack Modules will definitely add some variety to the gameplay, but they can also be turned on and off using multiplayer modifiers or SnapMap.

You'll be able to experience these new features for the reboot of DOOM starting May 13 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
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