In lieu of charging a subscription, CCP Games' MMOFPS DUST 514 will require players to shell out a small "cover charge." This fee will then be given back to you as in-game currency.

"You're really getting the game for free but you have to pre-buy credits in the beginning," CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson told "We might go fully free-to-play down the line, but in the beginning we have a cover charge just to manage the initial launch of it."

"In the beginning you have to pre-buy credits, so you pay something like $10-$20 to enter the game and you get the equivalent number of credits in the game once you do that."

The game will be supported by microtransactions. Players can purchase the in-game currency with real money and then use it to buy optional items. At E3, CCP said that players will be able to buy weapons, vehicles and other gear with this currency. Pétursson is a little more tight-lipped in this interview though, so perhaps the extent of microtransactions is still being worked out.

"It's not like in shooters where you've seen virtual goods sales. Whether that's some of the games you've seen in Asia, whether that's Battlefield, or other games," he said. "We don’t really have a set of things we're communicating on now because a lot of this comes out in the private trials that we're starting at the end of this year, where we're just starting to tune and test and see what works. That's how we'll define it."

DUST 514 is a sister game to CCP's space MMO EVE Online. Spaceship pilots in EVE and DUST 514 footsoldiers will work together to capture planets. This system will link two distinct groups of gamers; EVE is a PC-only game but DUST 514 will be exclusive to the PS3.

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