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For the past six days, a petition for a PC version of the action RPG Dark Souls has been steadily collecting signatures. The petition now has over 65,000 signatures and DS publisher Namco Bandai has taken notice.

"Damn you are amazing!" said Namco community manager Tony Shoupinou on the company's forum. "I honestly wasn't expecting such a massive support. My boss(es) even came to talk to me about this, after it explodes all around the world. If you wanted to have the attention of Namco Bandai Games, now you have it."

"The future is in your hands, and I hope you will keep supporting this. I make a personal objective to make sure every relevant people in Namco Bandai Games is in touch with this formidable effort."

Namco seems at least somewhat open to the idea of a PC port. Shoupinou said last week that it's possible because Dark Souls "is not a 100% typical Console game." He's also the one who suggested a petition, which makes sense. Namco Bandai needs to know that there's a sizable amount of gamers willing to buy a port before they spend money and time on such a project.

If you'd like to sign the petition, head here. There's never any guarantee that a petition will work but the success rate increases with every signature.