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Vigil Games is adding new content to hack-and-slash adventure Darksiders 2 this week. The Demon Lord Belial DLC pack will add a new adventure for players on all platforms.

In the DLC, Death hears rumors that humanity hasn't been wiped out by the apocalypse. The Horseman travels to the ruined Earth to seek out the supposed survivors. What he'll find, though, is a fierce new opponent. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's the Demon Lord Belial.

Demon Lord Belial will be the third story-based DLC released for Darksiders 2. The most recent, Abyssal Forge, took players to the swampy Shadow Lands. Argul's Tomb, the first DLC, took players to an icy wasteland. Being the birthplace of humanity and all, the setting for Demon Lord should be more memorable than both of those regions.

The Belial DLC will hit Xbox Live, PC and North American PSN on December 4th. The European PSN release will occur on the following day. Players on all platforms will have to pay 800 MS Points, or $10 to download it. If you already own the Season Pass, though, you can get the DLC for no charge.