David Cage: Buying Heavy Rain Is A Political Act

Most game designers would hope that their game sells well. Heavy Rain director David Cage, however, is taking things a step further by stating that it's important for the industry for his game to sell well.

"And again, I think this game is very important for the industry. It's not just about Quantic Dream and Sony and David Cage, it's about asking the market, are you interested in experiences that are for a mature audience based on storytelling and triggering more complex emotions? Yes or no?" said Cage in a Eurogamer interview. "If the answer from the market is yes, it's going to open doors to others and there will be many very creative people who will maybe come up with better ideas, but at least publishers will open the door to them."

"But if the game doesn't sell, it's going to close doors to everybody and for a long time. It's going to take years before someone tries something creative again. So I think it's an important game. I often say that buying Heavy Rain is a political act. It's a way of voting. Vote for what you want this industry to be in the coming years. Do you want it to be just trolls and goblins and zombies? Then don't buy it."

Well, you know, it is possible that someone wants games that aren't "trolls and goblins and zombies" but doesn't want Heavy Rain. Such a person would have plenty of options to choose from, too. Saying the creative advancement of industry depends on the success of your own game just seems like hyperbole. Maybe it's smart marketing, though. We'll see.

Heavy Rain is due out on February 23rd here in the States. Look for our review sometime this week.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.