In a new interview, Twisted Metal co-creator David Jaffe said that it's not certain yet whether the PS3 vehicle combat game will have an online pass. He's hoping that it won't, though.

"I'd actually prefer that we don't do it, even though it's probably good business, only because we have such a mountain to climb in terms of gaining people's good faith, especially in Europe, and really letting people know that this is a title that's worth getting excited about," Jaffe told Eurogamer.

"I'm okay with the fact that we might lose sales on this first game if, because of it, we generate a lot of fans that otherwise wouldn't have played the game. The online is so much the bread and butter of this game, so I'm okay with it because it means we're setting ourselves up for a possible return to the franchise one day."

However, it's not his decision to make. Ultimately the publisher, Sony, will decide whether or not to include an Online Pass.

"It's not my call and I'd totally understand if Sony as a company said 'Look, this is a mandate that permeates all of our titles. We're not making selective choices'. Those are decisions that I'm no longer privy to as I don't work for Sony any more."

An online pass is a one-time-use code included with new copies of a game that unlocks the multiplayer. The idea behind it is that, if you buy a used copy, the code will have already been used and you'll have to buy another online. It's a way to curb used game sales.

Resistance 3 was the first Sony-published PS3 game to include an Online Pass. Uncharted 3 had one, as well. Considering Twisted Metal is another first-party title with multiplayer, it seems likely it will come with a pass regardless of Jaffe's objections.

Twisted Metal will arrive on Valentine's Day next year.

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