PixelBionic is a “dream team” of digital motorized combat veterans. These guys come from legendary titles like Interstate 76, Twisted Metal and Battlezone to name but only a few. The game they're collaborating on is a new-age vehicular combat title going by the name of MotorGun.

The team at PixelBionic make up for tons of historical and iconic gaming moments, ranging from the God of War series to Redneck Rampage. The team behind the upcoming motorized assault game has an impressive pedigree under their belt and they're aiming to use it to bring MotorGun to life, a combat-vehicle-based video game for PC.

So now the big question comes into play: What makes MotorGun any different from all the other vehicular combat titles out there, including David Jaffe's Autoduel, as well as the recently released Gas Guzzlers? Well, unfortunately they don't really get into the details of the game or its gameplay differentiations.

We do know that MotorGun will be set within a post-apocalyptic environment with Mad Max-style vehicles and encounters, and we do know that the game will be team-based instead of free-for-all, ensuring that gamers will work together to accomplish common goals.

There will be king of hill, team capture the flag and other team-oriented modes available, using a sort of Vigilante 8 tag-team orientation to keep gamers engaged. I don't know how well this will work out because, in reality, we don't actually have a lot of team-centric vehicle combat titles. However, it would be nice to find out a bit more about the weapon mechanics, what they have planned for vehicle physics and handling, as well as the scope of the gameplay, which didn't really receive a lot of focus in the video.

The game does sport a detailed customization feature, allowing players to change out and tune things like the engine, paint jobs and armament, which is further showcased, briefly, in the 17 second video below.

Nevertheless, the Kickstarter just got underway and I imagine they'll have update videos available before the time wind downs. They'll probably need to do some updates every once in a while given their pricey $650,000 crowd-funding goal, but we'll see how well it all turns out.

You have up to 30 days (as of the writing of this article) to get in on the crowd-sourced action, and you can learn more about MotorGun by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page.

Ratter Customized Medium Vehicle from Pixelbionic on Vimeo.

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