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It appears that first-person horror games are becoming all the rage on the PlayStation 4. Shortly following the release of Outlast this month on Sony’s new home console, Zombie Studios has crept out of the shadows to reveal some new details about Daylight, another game set on scaring the crap out of players and, this time, they’re offering some creative new ways for spectators to get involved.

Yes, you heard right. I said spectators. The PS4 is all about streaming gameplay, giving players a great way to connect with each other as they play games, comment, ask questions and share tips. Some of my favorite memories gaming on the PS4 involve watching other people play Outlast actually. I’ve spent a number of hours laughing my butt off as one screen shows me the game in progress and the picture-in-picture displays the terrified player; eyes wide with fear and a stream of vulgarities on the tip of their tongue for when that hidden maniac jumps around the next corner. Not that I put up a brave front while playing or anything. It’s just nice to see that other people shared in my fear.

With Daylight, though, people watching the game will have the opportunity to take part in the excitement, according to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, using their comments to actually affect the game world. Crazy, right?

Similar to Outlast, the player is just shy of powerless in Daylight, equipped with a GPS, a flashlight, torches, etc., but no weapons. You’ll be touring a creepy old hospital with nothing but the occasional road flare to fend off the supernatural entities roaming its halls.

Daylight follows the frightened footsteps of Sarah Gwynn as she works her way through a series of haunting environments,” said Sony Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements. “While many horror games rely on finely tuned scares specific to the moment, Daylight uses procedurally generated play to keep every moment fresh.”

That means the levels and the big reveals will vary from play to play, so there’s no way of knowing when, exactly, the game plans to terrify you. As for that streaming hook I referred to later, players will be able to actually type in certain words to have the game respond accordingly. I’m thinking something like “creak” or “scream,” for instance. The list of usable words will not be revealed, so spectators will have to simply guess until they find something that works. Their use will be on a timer, too, so no spamming will occur.

What a wonderfully wicked twist. Look for Daylight to hit the PS4 and PC later this year.

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