Tecmo Koei released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming fighting game, Dead Or Alive 5. The fight featured in the trailer takes place in the middle of a warzone, and if you weren't paying close attention you might have mistaken it either for a Michael Bay movie or the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Before you jump up and defend DOA, saying, "Good sir, Tecmo would never try to diddle their dollar daddle in on the Call of Duty craze. Tecmo would never pander to the audience with such a grandiose and blatant Modern Warfare rip" I'll just let you take a look at the trailer below.

Is it me or does Bayman look almost like a roided version of Sam Worthington?

Anyways, Tecmo couldn't let the whole trailer get through on just fighting, Michael Bay 'Splosions™ and counter-attacks...they had to implement some trademark DOA T&A, and at the very end there's an elongated shot of Christie standing there in her partially unzipped jumpsuit, showing off their new liquid based particle physics. In other words, when fighters get all hot and bothered they start glistening and sweating. Take that Frostbite 2.0!

You can look for Dead Or Alive 5 to launch for the Xbox 360 and PS3 shortly after Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in late September, this year. For more information on the game feel free to visit the game's Official Website.

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