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Visceral Games is preparing a special edition of Dead Space 3 for super fans. The Dev Team Edition is loaded with extras and will set you back a cool $160.

The bundle will ship inside a 13" SCAF tin crate. The centerpiece is a 8" statue of a Black Marker, the alien artifact at the center of the game's storyline. The Dev Team edition also comes with several other physical collectibles:
  • Aluminum Data Pad
  • Med Pack Water Bottle
  • Bound SCAF Jotter
  • 3 SCAF Posters
  • 6 Peng Postcards
  • 96 Page Mini Art Book
A physical copy of the game is obviously part of the bundle as well. It also comes with the First Contact and Witness the Truth DLC. This DLC, also offered as pre-order incentives by retailers, provides bonus weapons and armor.

Only 5,000 copies of the Dev Team Edition were made. The bundle only includes the North American version of the game. If you live elsewhere in the world but want all the extras, you can buy a $100 Dev Team Add-on without the game.

Even if you decide to buy the bundle with the game, the game will ship separately. Your preferred shipping edition will only apply to DS3. The Dev Team Edition will ship by ground and may arrive before the game itself.