Like many other high-profile EA releases, Dead Space 3 will have a preorder-exclusive Limited Edition. The latest video from Visceral Games shows the bonus content you'll receive with the LE.

The first DLC pack included in the bundle, the "Witness the Truth" bundle, comes with an insulated Witness Suit as well as a weapon called the "Evangelizer." The Evangelizer is a combination of an assault rifle and shotgun. Both the weapon and armor are adorned with graffiti. Maybe they're Unitology symbols?

The other DLC is another weapon/armor combat. The First Contact Suit, designed for space exploration, has a stylish gold finish. "The Negotiator" is a hybrid of a Tesla Beam and Linegun.

Every pre-order of Dead Space 3 will be automatically upgraded to the Limited Edition. You should be able to find the LE in stores when the game first launches, too, even if you didn't reserve a copy.

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