Mass Effect 4 isn't coming out anytime soon but that doesn't mean you can't suit up in N7 armor and exterminate some aliens this year. Dead Space 3 will include armor based on Commander Shepard's old duds.

The DS3 armor won't let you look completely like Shepard. It still has the "welding mask" that Isaac Clarke favors and is pretty slim on armor plating. However, it has the has the signature N7 emblem and shoulder pads.

EA also threw in a set of free armor for John Carver, Clarke's new co-op partner. That armor also features the N7 logo but it's all red. It sort of resembles Urdnot Wrex's standard outfit.

In order to unlock this armor, you need to have played Mass Effect 3 and have a save file somewhere on your hard drive. In other words, you would need to be playing DS3 on the same platform that you played ME3. It doesn't sound like you need to have made any significant progress in ME3 to unlock the armor, though, so you could always just borrow a copy from a friend and make a quick save on your system of choice.

For a look at the two sets of armor, check out the trailer below.

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