It’s another meaty week on the PlayStation Network as this week’s releases feature a battle-hardened space engineer, a thieving raccoon and…a series of mentally stimulating challenges and tests from the American Mensa Academy?

We’ll kick things off this week with the titles you can pick up on store shelves or digitally day one through PSN. First up is Dead Space 3, the latest chapter chronicling Isaac Clarke’s battle against a mysterious force that reanimates corpses and the fanatical church that worships that power. A nice chunk of Clarke’s latest adventure will take place on a frozen planet and many some of his enemies (both living and reanimated) will now be carrying firearms.

The other big release this week is the bargain-priced Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It’ll set you back $40 for PS3 or $30 on the Vita. As a reminder, every PS3 purchase of Thieves in Time comes with a free copy of the Vita version, which should come in handy considering the game’s cross-play features. This is Sanzaru Games’ first crack at the Sly series and, based off of the demo, trailers and animated shorts, it looks like they’ve really nailed the formula originally established by Sucker Punch.

This week will also see the digital release of niche action title, Fist of the North Star 2: Ken’s Rage, as well as the cross-buy mini-game collection, Bently’s Hackpack, featuring activities starring characters from the Sly Cooper series.

Finally, this week’s releases are rounded out by the unexpected inclusion of Mensa: Academy. Along with featuring actual questions and quizzes from the American Mensa Academy, this “game” features all sorts of mind-sharpening exercises and mini-games to test your mental muscles.

More details on each of these games can be found on the PlayStation Blog. Look for everything listed here, along with the usual crop of demos, trailers and DLC, to hit the PlayStation Network during its regular weekly update tomorrow afternoon.

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