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Back in 2009, Dead Space creators Visceral Games were allegedly making a game based on the legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper. We haven't heard anything about The Ripper since then but now possible art from the game has surfaced.

The online portfolio of former Visceral Games artist "Joebot" (via Siliconera) has several images that seem to depict oSaucy Jack. However, he's not stabbing prostitutes. Instead, he seems to be fighting monsters. A rumor from 2009 stated that Jack was a hero rather than a villain in the game.

Jack the Ripper hunting vampires (or demons or whatever) might sound ridiculous but keep in mind who the developer is. Visceral was responsible for Dante's Inferno, a God of War-style action game based on a 14th century epic poem. Those guys can turn anything into a game, it seems.

Visceral or parent EA never announced The Ripper formally. The only time that title appeared in print was in a trademark registration three years ago. It's possible this game may never see the light of day and that's unfortunate. After all, who wouldn't want to knife-fight an English vampire?

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