Console gamers don't get many open-world games. There's Red Dead, Just Cause, GTA, Elder Scrolls and Saints Row but outside of the major players there's just a major lack of open-world titles. SyFy and Trion Worlds are hoping to buck trends by providing both Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers with the same kind of original gameplay and open-world PVP mechanics present in many PC titles.

The newest developer diary for Defiance, the sci-fi MMO, co-op, PvP story-based action-RPG, focuses entirely on the way the PvP mechanics work in the game. Most of everything is standard-fare to every other competitive third-person shooter out there, save for the fact that anyone, anywhere in the game world can hop into the battle and the best part about it is that the battles don't take place in instanced areas.

The game doesn't look particularly interesting to me but sci-fi geeks may get a kick out of it. Tying the show to the game may or may not boost appeal for the average gamer, I suppose it depends on how well the TV show does. I mean, if you're really starved for some third-person sci-fi action I suppose Defiance could be worth checking out, but I'm saying it right now: this game doesn't hold a candle to PlanetSide 2.

Anyway, you can look for Defiance to launch in April of 2013 for home consoles and PC. They still haven't specifically said how this game will work on consoles given that Rockstar had trouble getting GTA IV to run without problems and an open-world MMO action game is a much harder concept to fit into seven year old tech than a static open-world action game, but I imagine they'll reveal the details later.

You can learn more about Defiance by visiting the Official Website.

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