The life of an Ark hunter is about to get a lot more interesting as a whole new crop of adventurers get ready to head to the wastelands of San Francisco in hopes of earning fame and fortune. That’s right, kiddies, Defiance has finally gone free-to-play on PC.

A third-person-shooter MMO from the team at Trion, Defiance began life on PCs and consoles just 12 short months ago. Already a “sort of” free-to-play game, Defiance never featured a monthly subscription. Gamers could simply pay the one-time fee of buying the game, then enjoy all of its content to their heart’s content. There was additional gear and goodies available for purchase, sure, but you never had to drop another dime to enjoy the vast majority of what the game had to offer.

Now, Trion has announced that even the initial investment has been worked out of the equation, officially opening the game up to all comers willing to simply download the client on their PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC. The PC version of the game is free-to-play as of today, with console versions expected to update to the new model on July 15.

A couple of things help set Defiance apart from the pack. For starters, it’s a shooter, rather than a swords and sorcery type of game, meaning that you’ll be pulling the trigger and chucking grenades rather than casting spells or swinging a giant axe. At its core, the game looks like just about any other MMO on the market, featuring a large open world, loads of randomly spawning baddies to kill, folks to take missions from, etc. Instead of a stack of hotbars, though, the action is pure shooter, allowing players to run around freely and blast the baddies at their leisure.

To help keep things interesting, there are all sorts of hidden recordings spread across the map that help flesh out the game’s story, as well as side challenges that allow you to race down the road in a vehicle or clear wave after wave of enemies in a given areas. There were also plenty of equipment upgrades to loot, raids to take part in, a PvP component, and Arkfall instances that could randomly turn any area of the map into an instant group mission.

Honestly, I was pretty impressed with what Trion pulled together and, while the game has had its ups and downs, it provides a well realized experience that any shooter should at least be willing to give a shot, especially at the new asking price of zero dollars.

The other thing that made Defiance unique was its ties to the Syfy show bearing the same name, offering a story that was told in tangent with the show and sometimes even had an impact on how events in the show played out. It wasn’t uncommon to see a character or story from the show bleed over into the game or vice-versa.

With the show set to begin season two on June 19, now is a good time to get into the game and tackle some brand new missions that will lead into the new adventures. As for those who still feel like buying the game, doing so will net you a whole bunch of in-game goodies as a way of saying thanks. For more details, head on over to the official website.
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