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Signing NDAs for most gamers is something they do with the sort of Laissez-faire principles you would expect from a pre-prohibition era Chicago mafia outfit. It's like asking a criminal if he's actually committed any crimes and expect him to be honest about it.

Anyway, gamers have taken any and every liberal turn possible to share their privileged gaming experiences with the world, and Destiny's closed alpha is no exception to the rule.

Powerleveled has a Vimeo video up of the action that you can view above. It shows an entire event mission happening on the PlayStation 4, uploaded courtesy of some fellow who probably doesn't want his name or PSN tag out there so Bungie doesn't fry his butt harder than chicken tenders at KFC.

As you can see, the game doesn't look exceptionally spectacular. In fact, one might have assumed this was a PS3 game if it hadn't been revealed that it was running on a PS4.

The game looks truly mediocre here, and it has me about as excited as someone who has to type 'meh' all day long.

The major problem is that the enemy spawns are about as frequent and in abundance as a Call of Duty game and the shooting is as inspired or energetic as any other typical first-person shooter that's been on the market since 2009.

I felt like I was looking at Borderlands' gameplay on a bad dose of Ritalin with Halo's graphics. It just feels so uninspired.

Of course, it's still hard to judge a game from a single video... but I guess it's a good thing that there are more videos up for your viewing pleasure. WCCF Tech has a list of sources where you can download additional videos in case Bungie and Activision decide to take down the on above.

This also isn't the first time we've seen alpha gameplay of Destiny where the game looked underwhelming. Previously a seven minute video dropped that also showed another collage of uninspiring gameplay that doesn't look like it lives up to its budget.

The AI isn't very threatening (though props to them for at least not standing still), the environments seem unbelievably static, the gun-play is last-gen and there's nothing happening within the physics systems that we haven't seen a thousand times over in a bunch of other games before it.

Is it possible that Destiny could turn out to be something else? Maybe. But right now everything I've seen just doesn't boost my confidence above the notion that this will be anything more than another cross-gen cash-in. It doesn't help that one of my favorite video game composers, Marty O'Donnell, got sacked from Bungie.

Activision and Bungie will both have a lot riding on their appearance at this year's E3 because the game is due for release on old-gen and new-gen consoles this fall, and so far... I'm not buying into the hype.
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