The Warlock is the magic-based class of the three. The Warlock focuses on traps, buffs and group attacks. Players who prefer the role of a mage-type class will probably prefer the Warlock.

The Warlock gets various skills for different play-styles, the Glide skill enables players to glide in the air during falls or jumps, and the increased skill branches enable for better flight control and speed. The highest upgrade for the Glide skill replaces the ability with a short-distance teleportation mechanism.

The Nova Bomb skill is an area-of-effect skill that disintegrates any enemies within the vicinity. This is one of the skills often shown in the preview trailers for Destiny. The upgrades for the skill enable the Nova Bomb to do more damage and to increase its area of effect.

Arcane Wisdom is a passive buff that increases healing rates and combat speed. Vortex Mastery is another passive buff that ramps up the Warlock's other skills, including the Nova Bomb and the Vortex Grenade.

Ancestral Order is another generic passive that buffs up all of the Warlock's attributes. Angry Magic is a pretty deadly skill that allows the Nova Bomb to track enemies – the upgrades further increase the damage of the Nova Bomb, while the Bloom upgrade makes all enemies explode who are killed by the Warlock's skill.

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