If you’ve been waiting since August to get your ears wrapped around the amazing original soundtrack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, composed by the venerable Michael McCann, then your patience has paid off. It was announced today that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST is currently available for purchase in various formats at a few online retailers, including iTunes, Amazon and the Amazon Mp3 store.

In regards to composing the music for one of the more original games this year, McCann stated that…
I worked on the score off and on for over 3 years, from 2008 to spring 2011. Even though the music changes intentionally to reflect changes in the story, I was also changing over that time, and bringing new ideas / techniques to the score. What I didn’t expect when starting the project was the very strong philosophical / religious / political themes that permeate the story. Reading the script for the first time really opened my eyes to how big the game world really was. To reflect those very human themes, the score needed a strong acoustic side which took the form of vocals / acoustic instruments.

The score is definitely one of the better video game soundtracks in recent times, making it as memorable as the Assassin’s Creed and Halo soundtracks. The cyber-noir themes and synthetic elements composed in conjunction with a full-on orchestra definitely gives Deus Ex: Human Revolution a very human element amidst all the technological themes in the game.

You can pick up the soundtrack right now from iTunes, with each track costing as little as $0.99, or you can pick up the full CD soundtrack from Amazon for only $13.13.

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