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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still months away and Square Enix is trying to console us with loads of screenshots. They sent out ten new shots today, which you can print out and arrange into a flipbook. It'll be almost like you're playing the game!

Human Revolution takes place in 2027, a quarter-century before the events of the first Deus Ex. The main character is once again a super soldier with enhanced abilities. However, DX:HR protagonist Adam Jensen doesn't have the nanotech augmentations that J.C. Denton possessed. Instead he's got biomechanical augmentations, which are a little less...subtle. For example, he's got metal blades embedded in his elbows that he can use to finish off enemies in spectacular fashion.

Because the original Deus Ex was released over a decade ago, HR runs into the same issue as the Star Wars prequels. It's supposed to take place earlier in time than previous works but paradoxically looks more advanced because the technology used to make them has improved. Who cares, though? HR looks awesome and most people probably haven't played the first two DX games anyway.

Human Revolution hits North America on August 23rd, Australia on the 25th, and Europe on the 26th.