Devil May Cry 4 Demo Available

Stop what you're doing! If my inclinations are correct, you were just about to fire up your 360 or PS3 and jump directly into Call of Duty 4. Before you do that, why not warm up your internet connection with a different fourth installment. The Devil May Cry 4 demo just hit your consoles download section, and the smell of brimstone is so enticing.

The demo introduces gamers to the hack and slash world of Devil May Cry 4 , which includes series staples such as the gothic-like environment, demons, and full motion videos to assist in propelling the storyline. Don't expect to control Dante in the demo, as DMC4 introduces new protagonist Nero, a glamor boy whose hand could easily be mistaken for Ash's. Nero doesn't come alone, he brings the Devil Bringer, which is said to rock the socks off all who oppose its bearer. The demo isn't just the introduction to DMC4, nor is it a simple run through of the training levels. Instead, it consists of select sections from the full game, chosen to showcase the games varied locales, allowing gamers to familiarize themselves with Nero's powers.

Players will go through a training phase though. The instruction are to familiarize new and veteran fans of the series to the various actions the Devil Bringer bestows, such as the ability to slam creatures to the ground, cover great distances in a single bound (You know, like Superman), grab enemies while on the ground or in the air and pull them towards Nero to chain attack combos. The Exceed system allows Nero to "rev up" his sword as if it were a motorcycle throttle and kick the crap out of anything within the vicinity. To wrap up the demo, these newly found skills will be utilized for a showdown with demo-boss Berial.

Capcom claims the demo will fully demonstrate the power of next generation consoles, though I do believe they mean the current generation of consoles. That is unless we're now treating the console market like the PC market, and we'll own the game before the hardware necessary to run it. Devil May Cry 4 delivers its intense action at a constant 60 frames per second at 720p resolution on HD monitors, ensuring seamless and breathtaking game play in stunning high definition. In other words, go check it out and then continue your normal gaming habits.